Ekber LEVENT

      IYT Worldwide "YachtMaster"
      Sailing Instructor “


      Gülin BOZKURT

      IYT Worldwide
      "YachtMaster" Sailing Instructor

    Why we have choosen "7 Seas" as our school name

    After the European discovery of America, some people used the term "Seven Seas" to refer to seven of the largest bodies of water in the world: The Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico.

    As we are going to cruise on these waters with our trainees, we have chosen ''7 Seas Sailing School'' as our school name.

    What is IYT Worldwide?

    International Yacht Training Worldwide, an international corporation which has Administration and HQ based in Kelowna, BC, Canada, is the world's leading provider of Recreational Boating and Yachting Courses and entry level Professional Yachting Courses.

    Our courses and materials are covered by a Quality Management System, ISO 9001 2008 which we obtained through the internationally recognised Classification Society, DetNorkseVeritas (DNV). This quality approval recognises the Company's commitment to the provision of the highest quality training courses offered by only the best training providers throughout the world with whom we work on a partnership basis.

    The company delivers over 20 boating and sailing courses around the globe and enjoys a first class reputation due to the consistently high standards applied.

    Currently, over twenty countries accept IYT Worldwide's commercial and recreational Yachting Certificates of Competency; course recognition and approvals include the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) of the United Kingdom for its Master of Yachts range of courses as well as the, Cayman Islands, Marshall Islands, Belize and other Flag State Administrations.

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    Ekber LEVENT

    IYT Worldwide "Master of Yacht" Sailing Instructor & Examiner

    Following my graduation from Turkish Naval Academy in 1987, I started working onboard naval ships and then on commercial ships for Oceangoing Deck Officer.

    My sailing career began in 1989 as a skipper. Until today, I worked in many different segments of marine sector such as rigging, technical yacht maintenance and ship chandlery.

    As I love the feeling of freedom at sea and the tranquility of sailing, I would like to share all my experience gained whilst cruising more than 90.000 nm under sail during these years with people who is willing to become a sailor and seaman.

    We prepared now a new programme for 2014 -2015, covering all the places we fell in love with. So we are ready to welcome all the sea lovers and provide them with a chance to be trained at any level in open sea and the ocean or just enjoy a great ''Sailing Holiday'' while we cruise in these blue waters.

    Looking forward to welcoming you on board,


    • Oceangoing Watchkeeping Deck Officer ( 1991 ),
    • IYT "Master of Yacht" Unlimited Skipper
    • IYT ''Master of Yacht '' Sailing Instructor
    • IYT '' Master of Yacht'' Sailing & Power Examiner
    • RYA Offshore Yacht Master
    • Türk Yat Kaptanı
    • VHF Kısa Mesafe Telsiz Operatörü
    • STCW' 95
    Gülin BOZKURT

    IYT Worldwide "YachtMaster" Sailing Instructor

    Although I started sailing in 2006 as a hobby, soon after I embraced sailing as a life style and I had an intensive training for 4 years to become an instructor. My passion for sea and sailing made me work very hard and I managed to log 23.000 nm in a very short time including Atlantic Ocean crossing 4 times.
    I enjoyed sailing in Aegean Sea, Med , Adriatic Seas, Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Seas.
    Now I am welcoming new friends onboard so that I can share all my experience not only sailing but also the sea life &living style . 
    Join us to feel the freedom of sailing and upgrade your level of sailing with us.
    Looking forward to seeing you on board. 


    • IYT "Yacht Master" Sailing Instructor
    • IYT "Master of Yacht" Unlimited Skipper
    • Turkish Master of Yacht
    • VHF Radio Operator
    • STCW'95