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      31 Mar.- 07 Apr.  20197Lisbon - Cadiz250 nm
      13 - 20 Apr. 20197Cadiz - Gibraltar - Malaga150 nm
      21 - 28 Apr.20197Malaga - Cartagena200 nm
      04 - 11 May20197Cartagena - Cagliari500 nm
      12 - 19 May20197Cagliari - Naples
      300 nm
      25 May - 01 June20197Naples - Capri - Positano - Amalfi - Naples60 nm
      02 - 09  June20197Naples - Capri - Positano - Amalfi - Naples60 nm
      15 - 22 June20197Naples - Messina - Budva500 nm
      29 June - 06 July20197Dubrovnik - Hvar - Split100 nm
      07 - 14 July20197Split - Zadar100 nm
      20 - 27 July20197Zadar - Pula100nm
      03 - 10 Aug.20197Venice - Slovenia - Adriatic100 nm
      11 - 18 Aug.20197Venice - Slovenia - Adriatic100 nm
      24 - 31 Aug.20197Venice - Slovenia - Adriatic100 nm
      07 - 14 Sep.20197Pula - Zadar - Split150 nm
      15 - 22 Sep.20197Split - Hvar - Dubrovnik100 nm
      02 - 10 Nov.20198Malaga - Gibraltar - Las Palmas/ Canarin Is.800 nm
      01 - 29 Dec.201928Atlantic Ocean Crossing3000 nm
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    ARC "Atlantic Rally For Cruisers" 2019

    Atlantic Rally for Cruisers starts at the end of November from Las Palmas de Gran Canarias every year and finishes at St.Lucia,Carribeans. This event is the most popular way of crossing Atlantic recent years. More than 200 participans are expected in this multi-national event.The race welcomes crew of all ages and all experience levels. Join our team on one of the world's biggest sailing event.

              ARC 2019       ( 24 November 2019 - 25 December 2019 )


    Spain Andalucia Coast

    Seville Andalucia Coast

    We will have the sailing fun together in Andalucia Coast of Spain, Seville,Cadiz,La Linea and also in Gibraltar. We will see famous Gibraltar Stream and tidal currents in Gibraltar Strait. Most important that we will have a chance to navigate on canal to historic city of Seville. You will get the chance to practise anchoring techniques and calculate your arrival time for lock and bridge opening experience.

    31 Mar. - 07 April2019Lisbon - Lagos - Cadiz250 nm
    13 - 20 April2019Cadiz - Gibraltar - La Linea - Malaga150 nm
    21 - 28 April2019Malaga - Cartagena200 nm

    Balearic Islands

    Ibiza – Majorca - Menorca
    A memorable cruise in blue water will take you to one of the most well known islands in the Med. From Ibiza, where each year thousands of people visit to Menorca, the least commercial one of the archipelago, from ever shining sun on the golden beaches of Majorca, to as much as nightlife you can take in Ibiza, there is a lot to be savoured.

    Lanzarote – Fuerteventura – Gran Canaria – Teneriffe – El Hierro – La Gomera Canaries

    In the middle of Atlantic Ocean, a group of islands, seven larger ones being Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro set up a paradise on earth. Perfect climate throughout the year, beautiful beaches and spectacular volcanic landscape provide ideal sailing holidays for everyone. Stay away from civilization on Los Lobos or join the lively nightlife of Gran Canaria, islands offer all for different tastes.



    Jewelled with secluded bays and pinkish white beaches, the Costa Smeralda lies on the northern part of Sardinia, the second biggest island in the Med. This 55km long stretch of alluring region has been celebrated by the rich over the last 50 years and there are necklaces of islands off this emerald shore. Sailing amoung the islands next to Sardinia is gorgeous. 





    04 - 11 May2019Cartagena - Cagliari500 nm
    12 - 19 May2019Cagliari - Naples300 nm

    West Italy / Amalfi Coasts

    Napoli – Capri – Amalfi – Positano

    To the southwest of Napoli, the coastline between Sorento and Salerno is called Costiera Amalfitana. The main town of the area is Amalfi, known with houses on the rocks and lemon groves. In fact, some of these places have no road access and visits are only possible by boat. Colourful terraces all along the coast offer some of the best views and the scents of full blossom characterises this beautiful region. This sailing experience will not be forgotten.





    25 May - 01 June2019Naples - Capri - Positano - Amalfi60 nm
    02 - 09 June2019Naples - Capri - Positano - Amalfi60 nm
    15 - 22 June2019Naples - Messina - Budva500 nm

    Croatia / Dubrovnic

    The Croatian coastline is perfect for sailing holidays. With so many islands and ports, you can stop as many times as you like or sail for as long as you wish.

    Croatia is definitely the country for sailors. Hundreds of islands from Pula  to Dubrovnik make it a paradise for sailing.





    29 June - 06 July2019Dubrovnik - Hvar - Split100 nm
    07 - 14 July 2019Split - Zadar100 nm
    20 - 27 July2019Zadar - Pula100 nm
    07 - 14 Sep.2019Pula - Zadr - Split150 nm
    15 - 22 Sep.2019Split - Hvar - Dubrovnik100 nm

    North Adriatic - Venice

    VENICE  is a city in northeastern Italy and capital of Veneto region. It is a group of 118 small islands. Slovenia is a small and sempatic country in North Adriatic. PortorozKoper, Izola are popular cities of Slovenia. Start / Finish ports of the weekly tours will be in Venice.

    03 - 10 Aug.2019Venice - Slovenia - N. Adriatic100 nm
    11 - 18 Aug.2019Venice - Slovenia - N. Adriatic100 nm
    24 - 31 Aug.2019Venice - Slovenia - N. Adriatic100 nm

    French Riviera

    St.Tropez - Antibes - Cannes - Nice - Monaco

    French Riviera/ Cote D'Azur
    The Cote D'azur often known as the French Riviera, is the Mediterranean costline of southest corner go France including Monaco.The French riviera is a major yachting and cruising area with several marinas, beaches along its coast. Although the Riviera is famous for the glamour of St.Tropez, Monaco,Cannes, there are many other less well known attractions.The French Riviera has some of the best weather in all of France thanks to the surround hills.


    Atlantic Return Passage

    B.V.I - Bermuda – Azores – Portugal

    Crossing the Atlantic is not just sailing from the Mediterranean to Caribbean.Setting off from British Virgin Islands to Bermudas en route to Azores on a sailboat is one of the greatest achievements for a sailor.This return adventure cruise takes place at the end of April and we reach Portugal after logging 3800 NM in one month.

    01 - 08 May2020Tortola BVI - Bermuda1000 nm
    13 - 27 May2020Bermuda - Azores2000 nm
    01 - 07 June2020Azores - Lagos Portugal1000 nm

    Caribbean Islands

    St Lucia – Grenadines – Antigua – Barbuda – St.Barth's – St. Martin – British Virgin Islands
    A nature of prime beauty, spiced local cuisine, irresistible tunes of Reggae and steel bands dominate this popular island group. Sailing over turquoise waters with trade winds, snorkelling in a natural aquarium or simply relaxing on a white sand beach sipping unique Rum punch, difficult to choose from, isn't it? Treat yourselves to a sunny holiday in winter months and receive a warm welcome from locals of this paradise.





    Azores & Madeira

    Azores Archipelago is autonomous region of Portugal.Azores that are in the middle of Atlantic Ocean is 850 nm away from Europe coast. 9 volcanic islands are natural paradise. Most famous one of Azores is Faial that has Horta harbor.

    Madeira is also another Portugal İsland in the Mid of Atlantic Ocean. They are under natural protection.